Axis Syllabus

The Axis Syllabus offers a highly progressive and sophisticated understanding of the form and structure of the body, emphasizing the roles of fascia and tensegrity, as facilitators of skillful movement. The Axis Syllabus provides a way to understand dynamic movement, and to see healthy pathways and choices that are available within a structure that has parameters and design elements. The Axis Syllabus offers ways to facilitate the cultivation of self awareness within dynamic motion. Co-director Nuria Bowart is our resident Axis Syllabus instructor carrying over 12 years of experience. (for more info please visit
Part 4/4 of the Axis Syllabus series “The Study of Dynamic Motion”
Reception and Perception: A study of the nervous system as it relates to movement
August 18th - 21st

This class will look at what we understand about the human nervous systems. We will look at the categories given to us from western anatomical science (with a brief glance at some other maps for the same functions), the evolution of the nervous system, and how movement and disorientation prepares the human nervous systems in the body for pliability and resilience.

Class will include, anatomy presentation, group research and experimentation, movement training, quiet walks, breathing exercises and solo and group dancing.

This program is residential group living, with a private bath in each room. Camping is also available.


About Nuria

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"Looking into the body I find myself repeating the words of Jaap van der Wal: “The body is a living performance in time.” The deeper I go with my studies the more I can perceive the multidimensional fabric that is the body. A series of sacs tethered to trunks that move in the wind, carrying their water and subjected to the forces of the physical universe of which we are a part.
A production line of possibilities with prerecorded intentions.

The body needs metaphors of ecology not technology to define it. We are organisms, multiple environments interacting. We are the fractal expression of the larger ecosystem of which we are a part. It is evident that we are made up of relationships in movement.

Movement is the mechanism through which we become. It is the way that we inhabit space and time. It is our story, and our message. Creation funnels through the process of thought, word and deed. But movement is necessary for each of those phases to exist. Movement is the trajectory of energy. Form is the consequence of movement, and the servant to it".

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August 18th - 23rd 


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