We take the covid-19 pandemic very seriously and recognize the devastating impact it has had on dance and performance specifically and communities generally, especially those most vulnerable. We are following all State (please read here) and CDC guidelines as we make our plans.


The field center is uniquely suited to pandemic times. Our 15 bedrooms each come with their own dedicated bathroom.

There is plenty of space for social distancing in all common areas and our 50 acres of forest and fields provide plenty of outdoor camping spaces. Dining can/will happen outside self-serve style throughout the spring, summer and fall months and we have a large indoor dining area should weather require indoor meals.

That said, the goal of our summer volunteer sessions is to live together in relative normalcy. To do this we require all participants to either vaccinate (both shots) OR be tested within the week of arrival. We also ask that participants quarantine and pod with anyone they will be traveling with in the week prior to arrival.
We have limited our sessions to 
30 persons (including staff) and all meals with be buffet style.

We require that all day-visitors wear masks and maintain social distancing. Day visitors are asked not to participate in meals.

We will also offer bi-weekly trips to testing and/or vaccination sites nearby.

With these protocols in place the hope is to work, dance, eat, swim and relax together as a 30 person pod for the full 3 weeks.

There will be a 3-day break between sessions for sanitization and deep cleaning.

Know that we are watching and following both the State (please read here), the CDC and our own community guidelines as we make our plans and will change accordingly. 

Stay safe friends.