First Annual FALL JAM 
SEPT 29th - OCT 2nd

The Field Center presents the first annual FALL JAM; Four days of Contact Improvisation labs, classes and jams facilitated by the FIELD CENTER STAFF!

*This event is limited to 30 participants*


$450: Sustainability Rate [support those with less financial capacity]

$350: Regular Rate

$275 Support Rate [For those that cannot afford to attend otherwise]


Interested in camping? We have campsites available and a reduced price to do so. Reach out to us if you plan on camping. Yes we have scholarships available! There is also some VERY limited work trade.




Thursday:   Arrival | Opening Circle | Open Jam

Friday:        Classes | Open Jam | Underscore

Saturday:    Group Shake | Labs | Live Music Jam

Sunday:      Open Jam | Closing Circle

Contact Improvisation



Fresh off the plane from Lasqueti Island, B.C. (from a a two week intensive training in Contact Improvisation mechanics with Mark Young), Lily will teach a class on spirals.  We will practice specific spiral pathways, toning our bodies to give and receive wieight in motion.

This Fundamentals class is tailored to those new to the form of Contact Improvisation, but like all fundamentals classes, it includes tools and tactics that might be helpful for all.

In this class we will work from the solo to explore the fall. Using basic floor patterning and intuitive pathways that bring us to and from the floor, we will build toward a sense of trust and curiosity that might help set a foundation for safety inside Contact Improvisation. 

How can we stay alive, creative and aware of what is happening at the points of contact, while having autonomy to safely tumble and fall away and towards?


Lily will hold a physical research lab on anti-hegemonic practices in Contact Improvisation. How can we warm ourselves up to interrupt dominant power? How can we sharpen our tools for unlearning and re-patterning while warming up for dancing CI? How can we bring in an awareness of our identity into our dancing? 


We love the Group Shake here at the Field Center. We are grateful to Leslie Castellano and Tove Sahlin and many others for passing on to us this particular format of a deep durational shaking practice, and all the ancestors, animals and cosmic particles that vibrate to connect to the unified field, release tension and reach the deep groove of rocking and rolling.
This GROUP SHAKE will be a guided 1 hour early morning practice done to a curated playlist. 



Nancy Stark Smith’s Underscore is a formal CI jam [ritual?]. We will practice our own emergent [emergency?] version.

A proposition of the bones of a CI Jam. Nancy Stark Smith - a founder of Contact Improvisation -  left us with this puzzle, a blueprint to accept, to reject, to experiment with, to try on, to wander through. Is the Underscore a way of practicing a format for the human ritual of coming together and coming apart? Anyhow, we will dance, for about two hours, together, focused inside of history, inside of the present moment, inside of the future. We will hold a talk-through the day before.

For more information you can visit:

We will explore the trio as a place of endless possibility. Trios help us let go of story and lean into the unknown in the way they challenge our ability to track ourselves and others. For this lab we will start with some basic proposals for finding structure in the trio, let them go and let the lab move into a jam.



LILIANNA KANE is a dancer currently invested in Contact Improvisation and Collective Improvisation. She is committed to improvisation as a physical practice of presence, attention, unknowing and inquiry. She is curious about the disruption of normative culture through dancing and gathering.

She values the interplay of rigor and pleasure. She has trained with a plethora of teachers, collaborators, and friends. 


ANYA SMOLNIKOVA is an artist and facilitator with practices that span the fields of painting, installation and performance.
Her practices explore belonging, presence and perception through focused skill building, ritual and daydreaming. Anya has been investigating the form of Contact Improvisation since 2016.

She has worked with many teachers, friends and colleagues internationally.

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JARED WILLIAMS is a dance-improvisor, visual artist and dance-arts curator primarily interested in ideas of wilderness, multiplicity, emergent structure and futurity. 

As a dancer he has focused principally on Contact Improvisation and related somatic practices since 2012. He initiated the Jamaica Plain Contact Improvisation group where he taught weekly for 3 years prior to the pandemic. He has studied throughout the u.s. with Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Nelson, Taja Will, Kirstie Simson, Ray Chung and others.

As a curator and programmer he is the co-founder of Lion’s Jaw Festival, a boston-based experimental performance and dance festival, currently housed at MIT, that he co-founded in 2016 with long time collaborator Sarah Mae Gibbons. In 2021 He co-founded the Field Center, an interdisciplinary art space in Vermont.

He is a believer in the power of movement and the exploration of the physical self as both an artistic practice and as a tool to support healing, build community and to create political and social change.

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LILY GELFAND is a Brooklyn-based dancer, experimental cellist, composer, and teaching artist. Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Lily received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography from Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College. While at Ohio University, she also began her dance musician training under the mentorship of Andre Gribou. As a dancer, Lily has had the pleasure of performing works by Kyle Abraham, Joanna Kotze, Kendra Portier, David Dorfman, Jasmine Hearn, Thryn Saxon, Serena Chang, and Ani Javian. As a cellist, Lily is currently on staff as a dance musician at The Juilliard School, and has composed and performed original collaborative works for Christina Robson, Jasmine Hearn, Dance Lab NY, Toscana Dance Hub, Venza Dance, The Wooden Floor, Douglas Gillespie, and Nik Owens. Additionally, Lily is a 200 Hour RYT through the Yoga Alliance, and uses cello as a source of sound healing for a variety of meditations and restorative practices throughout the city. Her favorite color is green.