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Hennessy + Houston-Jones 5/26-6/5 | Portier +  Nugent 6/24-7/3 | Kotze + Singh 7/14-7/24

PNDA Lab [ Performance and New Dance Arrivals Lab ] is our 10 day long summer intensive series.

PNDA is an opportunity for working artists to explore toolboxes and strategies for building performance and dance work today. This is a wild and non-academic space that is grounded in daily practice and intention.

It is a place for people who make things to learn, ask questions, make new work, destroy and build practices and to be together as people.


PNDA is split into 3 sessions with each session being facilitated by 2 artists and limited to 35 participants.

This is a rare opportunity for working artists at all stages of their careers to live with one another and develop their performance making practices with mentorship and group.

Weeks consist of daily classes and workshops with evenings of performances, events and rest.

Full room and board provided.



















This is a group experience. Rooms are shared and meals are prepared and eaten together.
 We grow much of our own food in our garden.

  • All participants must show proof of vaccination upon arrival

  • All participants tested upon arrival

  • All bedrooms are shared rooms [3-4 persons] | camping available [reduced rate]

  • All participants will take part in work shifts [kitchen + garden]

Have questions? Email us with PNDA LAB in the subject line HERE

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Keith Hennessy | Ishmael Houston-Jones

May 26th - June 5th



Kendra Portier |Jennifer Nugent

June 24th - July 3rd [ partial + full event options ]

Jennifer Nugent

During our time together the focus will be directed towards volume, weight, sensation, and specificity inside the body, its relationship to the floor, to the space we are in, and with each other. The work we will do together holds an intention and an invitation to experience conversing intimately with movement, with dance. This class will be improvisational and set as desired. With consent, I will invite weight sharing and partnered explorations'

Kendra Portier


Geologic Body Stuffs: Floating - looking down into the water. Taking in the depth of the ocean as opposed to taking in the expanse of the sky.


Thinking on / feeling the profundity and majesty of time, ocean, geology - that nature is our kin. The social life of trees (Suzanne Simrad and others) - healthy competition, cooperation, connectedness - as a guide for being/navigating a world/field that regularly heralds the individual, innovation, and progress in ways that are consistently limiting and spiritually/artistically/personally/socially erosive.


I imagine the interior of my body, the caverns of my hips, the hallowed hollows of ribs, spine, and thighs lined with luscious mosses. I imagine my bones as sands and earth temporarily organized, as branches slowly spiraling, floating in water, moved bay breezes. Sparkling geodes. My blood, guts. Fluids like the oceans, rivers, streams. I imagine my skin as the sky - from the brightest sun-drenched too the deepest velvety darkness sky freckled with stars.'

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Joanna Kotze | Paul Singh

July 14th - July 24th [ partial + full event options ]

Joanna Kotze 



Both laboratory and technique class, we will delve into the body’s architecture and its unique

potential, gaining more information, trust and range throughout the week. Through technical

studies, set movement phrases and improvisational practices, we will discover and challenge

habits and pre-conceived notions while practicing our relationship to time, space and each other.

Concentrating on the forces through the legs into the floor will lead us to find more range,

opposition and weight in the body. Lets experiment, succeed, fail, keep trying, and have fun!



The practice is the performance and the performance is the practice. During this class we will

work to realize the potential of the body in each moment in relationship to space, each other and

the viewer. Through this process, we will attempt to reveal different parts of ourselves as a way

to access less familiar movement and create a more intimate connection with the viewer. Using

practices and scores, we will create and take apart, build and dismantle or take apart and create

and dismantle and build, with the goal of honing a more alive performance experience for both

performer and audience.

Paul Singh

Morning Sessions: FLOOR WORK

Working through a guided system of warm-ups that tangle, untangle, and re-instinct the body into activated strength when needed, and softened folds when wanted. Bartenieff fundamentals, developmental patterns, and space for trusting the mystery will continue to prepare the body to conquer low-to-the-ground puzzle work. Mid-level quadruped coordination and inversion training will bring the bodies upright. Across the floor sequences will put multiple coordinated arrangements together in order to challenge decelerated timing, as well as interchangeable limbs (i.e. legs as arms). Class will culminate in larger phrase material that accumulates all the pieces and asks us to use each other to make the dance. 



This class is a challenge in demanding as much as possible from a partner in order to ask more from an audience. At its base, this is contact improvisation work, but accessed through the lens of bodies with many other processes/techniques in them. Listening, finding, spiraling, as well as obliterating, denying, rebelling will all be approached. This practice time will be used to heal the body, warm-up the senses, and sweat out the questions. The material will work in depth with touch, non-touch, eye contact, saying “no”, group dynamics, solos meeting solos, and observing each other. 

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An improvised embodied workshop experiment with Ishmael Houston-Jones and Keith Hennessy


We will move, write, listen, sense, talk, and play… alone, in duets, and in group. There will be time for performance making, showing, and discussing. 


The workshop will attempt to generate a precarious and curious space between engagement and refuge, being present with queerness, the ongoing impact of COVID, and the importance of shared dance and inquiry. We will hang out in playful and nonproductive spaces, engaging with both dance studio and rural environment. Being in a contagious relationship to past and future, ghosts and desire. We will approach queer and decolonial futurities through practices of opening to the unknown. We seek a soft experience where political crises and fascia can be woven into a single conversation. Where bodies are energies, always entangled within the ecologies from which they emerge. 


Ishmael (NY) and Keith (SF) first collaborated in the mid-90s and have continued for 25 years a deep conversation about art, collaboration, improvisation, race, activism, sex, dance, history and futures. When they teach together, the conversation and research continues.