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LAB 1 Hennessy + Houston-Jones 5/26-6/5 | LAB 2 Portier + Nugent 6/24-7/3 | LAB 3 Kotze + Singh 7/14-7/24

FAQ + Getting Here


Registration will take place on the first day of your session between 2pm - 6pm on the first day of your session [FRIDAY].
Please reach out to the if you need to arrive late/early. PLEASE include PNDA LAB in the email subject line.


The Field Center offers shared bedrooms with 3-4 beds for up to 25 participants. We also offer camping for up to 10 people.  Campers have access to shower, refrigerator, microwave and dry storage. The camping area has an outdoor lean-to for food prep

and rain cover as well as a large fire pit.

COVID Policy:

For the 2022 PNDA labs participants are asked to present proof of Vaccination and to rapid test upon arrival.
Day visitors are asked to wear masks when inside at this time. Our teachers [as well as many of the participants] will be coming directly from or leaving directly to other large events or institutions and we have determined that vaccination needs to be required for these events in order to ensure we are running a safe and responsible event.


The Field Center is located at 61 Williams Road, Rockingham / Bellows Falls, VT. We highly recommend downloading the Waze
app for the most accurate directions. Please take care in searching the address as there is also a Williams Street in Bellows Falls.





Public Transit:

From New York City 

Bus: Greyhound bus from New York City to the Bellows Falls Greyhound Station.

Train: Amtrak “Vermonter” line to Springfield, VT. This line operates out of Washington, D.C., and New York City.

From Boston 

Bus: First take Dartmouth Coach from Boston to Hanover NH.  Then take the Moover bus (Route 73)  from Hanover to Bellows Falls all the way to the last stop.  This bus departs from Hanover at 3:50 so make sure your bus to Hanover arrives before that.

From Washington D.C.

Bus: Greyhound bus from Washington D.C. to the Bellows Falls Greyhound Station.


Ticks are small biting parasitic arachnids that are native to this area. They are also the principal vector for transmitting Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is a serious and life-threatening disease that can cause various systemic immune-deficiencies in people. If discovered early it is easily treated and curable.
There are a lot of ticks here! They are active between early April and late November.


We recommend the following products for deterring ticks: Geranium essential oil, Terrasheild Essential oil, Jojoba oil, and Off Deep Woods as well as regular tick checks.

Google maps screenshot of 61 Williams Rd, Rockingham Vermont