RAM JAM with Ryuta Iwashita, Anya Cloud, and Makisig Akin
APRIL 14th - 17th

We invite you to the Field Center Contact Improvisation RAM JAM
co-facilitated by Ryuta Iwashita, Anya Cloud, and Makisig Akin


RAM JAM is a dreaming and embodying arena for Contact Improvisation fueled by our passion and intuition for queering its ongoing culture of global white supremacy, heteronormativity and the gender binary. This will include co-facilitated jam sessions, open jams, direct offerings/teachings from our individual and collective research/practice, affinity spaces (BIPOC/white), dialogues, and more.

RAM JAM welcomes hopeful folks who are aligned with this proposal. The vision for this event is to have 70% BIPOC participants and 30% white participants. This vision is reflected in both the staggered registration periods and the rates as listed.

*This event is limited to 30 participants*


$375: Sustainability Rate [support those with less financial capacity]

$325: white identified rate [or any other folks who wish to pay this rate]

$100 [this rate is variable depending on the needs of the registrant: BIPOC identified rate [Black, Indigenous/Native, People of Color registrants only


Interested in camping? We have campsites available and a reduced price to do so. Reach out to us if you plan on camping.




Thursday:    Arrival | RAM Opening Circle | Open Jam

Friday:         Durational Co-Facilitated Jam | Open Jam

Saturday:     Affinity Spaces | CI Workshops | Music Jam

Sunday:       RAM Opening (again) Circle | Open Jam | Departure

RAM JAM may surprise your expectations of what Contact Improvisation is. What if Contact Improvisation is a question?
Our facilitation honors the emergent, disintegration of order, and agitation of rigidity. It may require silence and stillness while magnifying a disorganized, disruptive force in our bodies. It will be technical and exuberant. It may require jumping off the cliff with a stranger while thinking about your beloved. We will take on CI as a high-risk practice. Its nature is neither therapy nor social justice training, but our focus on dance and improvisation may allow our relational movement to be more receptive, nuanced, and courageous.

About the Facilitators

Contact Improvisation


Ryuta Iwashita (they/them) currently lives and improvises in Bulbancha (also colonially known as New Orleans) in the USA as a movement/performance/visual artist and educator after living in Japan for 25 years. Their artistic lexicons are rooted in social justice, somatics, martial arts, child education, and ancestral work including 祖体 (SOTAI) of which Ryuta is its conceiver. 


Their work and teaching move and respond to juxtapositions of phenomena, systems, and multiverses, — the one between their Japanese heritage and their Americanized life in the Southern US, between their beloved’s indulge in watching TikTok and their grandfather's indulge in eating raw chicken gizzards, between a day of organic farming and a night of MSG-heavy instant noodles, and between their internal organs and their ancestors moving and pausing as stars. They reconfigure these into a woven, relational arena and welcome other tender beings to do/undo life in there.


Their work and teaching have been accepted by internationally renowned organizations such as Kirishima Open Air Museum (JAPAN), Washi + Performing Arts Artist-in-residency (JAPAN), Contact Improv Dance Chengdu (CHINA), Jacob’s Pillow (MA), Tulane University (LA), New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center (LA), re:FRAME Festival (LA), Alternate ROOTS (GA), Seattle Festival of Dance Improv (WA), Yellow Fish Durational Performance Festival (WA), and Earthdance Creative Living (MA). 


Their current interest is to say “warm” instead of “cool”. www.iwashitaryuta.com


Anya Cloud (she/her)

I am originally from Alaska, and currently living in the land of the Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe people in Colorado. As a queer, cis-gender, female, white person I orient my work to cultivate radical aliveness as an artist-activist practice; intersectional collaboration is central to my work. I am devoted to practicing, researching, teaching, and performing experimental contemporary dance, contact improvisation, and somatics through anti-oppression methodologies. I have been practicing contact improvisation for 20 years and regularly teach, practice, and perform internationally. I orient with contact improvisation as a fundamentally queer form. My work has been produced/supported by Movement Research, Workshop Foundation, freeskewl, Screen Dance Festival Stockholm, La MaMa, Los Angeles PerformancePractice, REDCAT, Tanzquartier, and Guatemala Department of Culture among others. I have worked with and/or performed for Sara Shelton Mann, Nancy Stark Smith, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Karen Schaffman, Karen Nelson, Makisig Akin, Justin Morrison, Mary Pearson, and Nhu Nguyen among others. I hold an MFA in Dance Theatre and trained in the Feldenkrais Method® under the direction of Elizabeth Beringer. I am currently Assistant Professor of Dance at University of Colorado Boulder. www.anyacloud.com


Makisig Akin (they/them) 

Choreographer. Dance Artist. Facilitator. Activist. 

I am a queer, transgender Filipino born and raised in the Philippines. My artistic work focuses on strengthening the recognition of intersectional identities, reconnecting with my ancestry, and decentralizing Western ideologies in dance making. Since graduating from University of California Los Angeles with Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography in June 2019 from the department of World Arts and Cultures Dance, I have been in the quest to further understanding how to use the platforms of dance and theatre to engage with socio-political topics in the perspective of queer and BiPOC individuals. I examine how survival strategies can be translated into a communal physical practice, which I then use as a catalyst to a creative healing process. I am interested in reimagining the process of making-dances. How can the process serve the dancers as they continue to have agency in directing the trajectory of the work? How can they create a community that functions beyond identity while honoring identity? My physical dance background includes but is not limited to: Filipino Traditional Dance, Contact Improvisation, Kung Fu, Improvisation, walking meditation, Authentic Movement, Bouldering/Climbing and Contemporary Dance. Currently living in Berlin, Germany my newest work Give me your heart. No, the real one. is being produced by Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios and Dock 11 in February 2022. My works have been supported by Tanzfabrik Artist Residency, Nah Dran Extended/ADA studios, Fonds Darstellende Künste #TakeHeart 2022, Schloss Bröllin Residency 2022. www.makisigakin.com

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Chester, VT 05143

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