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STRANGE NATURE: A world-building, material intimacies, and costuming module for performance with Hana van der Kolk and Lea Kieffer OCTOBER 25 - NOVEMBER 6th

STRANGE NATURE: A world-building, material intimacies and costuming module for performance.

This two week residential intensive explores how costuming, set and altered spaces inform and birth performance, as well as how intimacy and collaboration with non-animate others can emerge from embodied practice and altered modes of perception. Weaving technical training in fabric and set work, body-centered group practice, as well as regular opportunities for collaboration, critical feedback and performance, this will be an opportunity to develop existing work, create new material or simply build skills in aspects of performance outside of choreography.

This is a residential group intensive. Rooms are shared and meals are prepared and eaten together.
 Schedule includes daily classes, performance and lab opportunities and nightly events.

  • All bedrooms are shared rooms [3-4 persons] | camping available [reduced rate]

  • All participants will take part in work shifts [kitchen + garden]Have questions? Email us with STRANGE NATURE in the subject line HERE

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