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summer sessions

This summer [July + Aug 2021] we will be hosting a series of  3 - 3 week ‘live-in’ volunteer sessions. This will be our very first program! Come stay with us and help us build! We will live together, fill our days with manual labor, eat watermelon, cook (and of course dance). We miss you! And we want to see ALL our friends (reach out to us and help us find ways for this to be restful and possible for you). [please see covid-19 page for pandemic related information]

Each session is limited to 25 people (including staff).
Interested in attending/being a volunteer this summer? Fill out the form!

  • Session 1: July 6th - 22nd FULL* 

  • Session 2: July 27th - August 12th FULL*

  • Session 3: August 17th - 31st FULL*


* session full? Do not fret! We CAN put you on the waiting list and you have a very good chance of still being able to attend!

Things that are planned for july + august include:


  • Site and build the vegetable/herb garden(s)   •   General permaculture projects throughout   •    Clear and 'landscape' the property through planting native trees + shrubs   •  Site and build the sauna/sweat   •   Building the outdoor showers   •   Trail clearing + light/sustainable forestry   •    Site and prep the large dance-barn   •    Seed the leach fields    •    General carpentry both light and skilled around buildings/trim/soffit   •    Replace-redesign gutters   •    Finish 'gallery'/conference room   •    Design, tear out wallpaper + carpet and repair group + private rooms   •    Rebuild porches/decks   •    Design + build out of basement multimedia studios   •   And more…


We are specifically looking for skilled folks to help lead projects!
Interested in being a team leader/fore-person? Please write us with the subject line 'summer sessions | team leader'




  •  Drywall and interior framing  •  Garden and 'landscaping' project  •   Trail clearing/maintenance   •   Cleaning   •   Exterior carpentry and exterior repair work [windows, decking]   •   Exterior/Interior painting