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Tracking The Creative Practice


Using movement, writing, and animal tracking, we’ll approach our creativity as our immunity, our navigational tool, and our deepest resource.

When we enter the landscape with the intention of tracking wildlife, our way of seeing shifts. We search for signs that reveal the stories of other beings.  We naturally change our habitual way of moving and positioning ourselves in order to perceive these previously hidden elements of our surroundings.  When we amplify this spacial and physical re-positioning to see another story, we fortify our interconnectedness - our interlacement with life.

In this workshop, we will dive into this ethos of tracking and investigate how it relates to embodiment practices and developing the resource of our creativity.  Our movement sources will include Qigong, shaking, and animal gait forms. We will spend some time outdoors learning foundational tracking principles, and incorporate writing exercises as our connective thread.

This workshop takes place at the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, when across traditions the hearth is revered and fire receives our deepest bow.  Although early Feb. is the heart of winter weather in Vermont, the energetics of the environment will be rising toward the emergence of spring, and we will be tuning our activities to harmonize with this particular moment on the wheel of time.  We will kindle our own internal fire, see how the animals are tending theirs, and use fire as a cozy, nourishing muse throughout the weekend.  A well tended fire is a harmonious one.

All bodies are welcome, no prior experience in any of our areas of research is required. The only requisite is a willingness to bundle up and go outside.


We offer 3 full scholarships for Black, Indigenous and People of Color [BIPOC] folks in each session. As well as 3 Work Trade spots in each session. If interested please select 'BIPOC Scholarship' OR 'Work Trade' when registering via the link below. For more information about the work trade exchange, go to the Work Exchange page.


Frieda Kipar Bay is a weaver of embodied knowledge, overlapping different threads to better understand the whole. She works with a web made up of Energetic herbalism, Daoist medicine, qigong, five element theory and diagnostic practices, animal tracking, writing, performance art, somatic experiencing and trauma resolution, ancestral ritual restoration, and equity. She finds that beautiful things get made when she weaves with many perspectives. She currently makes home in Pocumtuck Territory/Montague, Ma. with her family.

Longer bio:

Dana Iova-Koga  is a polymorph and a multipotentialite. Ever since she happened upon those words, life got a little more fun. She’s always enjoyed embodying different roles and images and now finding the unifying principles between forms has become her practice. She’s grateful that no two days are the same. You may find her in the studio, in the garden, on the stage, in the classroom, over the books, with the words, in the water, in the woods, in the kitchen, with her people, among her thoughts, under the sky.

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