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Help us raise 25k through our Indiegogo Campaign and make 2022, our first year of full programming, as accessible as possible as we continue to expand our programming!

Other ways to give:

Unable to contribute financially? We can always use physical donations to help us expand and upgrade our facility!
The Field Center is accepting donations of the following items.  Please email us to arrange a donation/pick up.


  • dance + performance + art making.

  • costuming + fabric + sewing

  • set design, blocking

  • filmmaking + lighting

  • recording + sound design

  • dramaturgy

  • record albums [vinyl/all genres]

  • dvds [ hard to find/non-u.s. titles ]



  • Computers x 2 <4 years old with lots of RAM
    [or capacity for ++RAM]

  • Large (>27”) monitors

  • Effects pedals [wah/distortion/fuzz]

  • Audio Cables

    • Instruments + Percussion

      High hat + pedal
      Crash [cymbal]
      Snare stand
      Bass kick pedal

  • Electronic Drum Kit

  • Projectors

  • Projector screen [interior/exterior]

  • Green/Blue Screens


  • Multitool

  • Nail gun[s]

  • Wood! [yup. ]
    Any spare 2x4, 2x8 or plywood donations are welcome!

  • Saw blades [table and chop]

  • Pressure washer



  • Tractor

  • Wood cart and/or small trailer

  • Chainsaw[s]

  • Truck

  • Shipping containers