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JUNE 6 - 9

Classic Thursday-Sunday Contact/Collective Improvisation Jam at The Field Center with Jonathan Brussolo (Argentina) + Lilianna Kane (NY/VT)Classes, labs, and open jams.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. Indoor sleeping options, and camping options.

Dancing, sunbathing, swimming, eating food fresh from our garden, sauna, rigor and relaxation...


We offer 3 full scholarships for Black, Indigenous and People of Color [BIPOC] folks in each session. As well as 3 Work Trade spots in each session. If interested please select 'BIPOC Scholarship' OR 'Work Trade' when registering via the link below. For more information about the work trade exchange, go to the Work Exchange page.

*Payment Plans: We do offer payment plans for most of our workshops. We can accept payments divided into 2-3 installments paid over a 3 month period. For more details and to set up a payment plan please EMAIL US with the name of the Workshop you wish to attend and 'Payment Plan' in the subject line.


MEL SARKOR-CLINTON is an Architect and 6th generation Yang T’ai Chi Ch’uan practitioner. Combined daily investigation of these paths over a decade reveals that approaching the ground of space, the fluid mind can release the body to a place prior to separation, form and action. He’ll meet you there ;)


Lilianna Kane is a dancer and chef, currently invested in Contact Improvisation and Collective Improvisation. She is committed to improvisation as a physical practice of asking questions and paying attention. She is curious about the disruption of normative culture through dancing and gathering. She values the interplay of rigor, rest, discipline and play. She teaches and shares her practices nationally and internationally. She is currently the head chef at The Field Center in Bellows Falls, VT, where she also has the privilege of regularly practicing, teaching, and researching Contact Improvisation.

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