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Performance and New Dance Arrivals

PANDA [Performance And New Dance Arrivals] are some of the longest programs offered at the Field Center and they are deep dives into living with one another as artists while training daily with established teachers in the field. Daily classes are punctuated by swims in the river, saunas, fresh food from our gardens, long naps in the library, field trips and performances at night.


PANDA is an opportunity for working artists to engage with pedagogical approaches not often available in academia for far longer than most spaces offer.

As a residential and deeply immersive program focused on somatic, dance and body-based art-making, PANDA offers an expansive experience in social, experimental and creative living while allowing working artists to dive deeply with experienced and established teachers in the fields of performance and dance.

This summer PANDA LABS return for 2 immersions into performance and dance development!

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