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MARCH 28 - 31

Event image for the SHAKE WORKSHOP 2024

The Field Center is hosting its second ever SHAKE Workshop! This somatic durational exploration is created and facilitated by Anya Smolnikova & Rose Cole-Cohen. Through multiple daily Group Shakes, guided movement, and supported rest, we will collectively shake up and nurture our sweet nervous systems.


Each day will be structured around 2 one-hour long shakes, with a final two-hour Big Shake on Sunday. Guided movement, writing, and drawing sessions will be offered to process what arises in our bodies. Our practice will be supported by nutritious home-cooked meals, beautiful studios, steamy saunas, cozy fireplace, {optional} cold plunges, and more. 


Please go HERE to read more about the Group Shake.

No previous shaking or dance experience necessary.

Come join us and shake into Spring!

We shake with joy,

We shake with grief.

What a time they have, these two

Housed as they are in the same body.

- Mary Oliver


We offer 3 full scholarships for Black, Indigenous and People of Color [BIPOC] folks in each session. As well as 3 Work Trade spots in each session. If interested please select 'BIPOC Scholarship' OR 'Work Trade' when registering via the link below. For more information about the work trade exchange, go to the Work Exchange page.


ANYA SMOLNIKOVA BFA Boston University | MFA Northwestern University is an interdisciplinary artist and facilitator with practices that span the fields of painting, installation and performance. Her practices explore belonging, presence and perception through focused skill building, ritual and daydreaming.

Anya Smolnikova headshot
Rose Cole-Cohen headshot

ROSE COLE-COHEN is a movement artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY, with a BA in Dance and Anthropology from Reed College. Their practices have been deeply influenced by the study of Gaga, Contact Improvisation, and other forms of partner dance, and they are currently invested in improvisational practices that are relational and durational.

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