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The Working Resident program is our long term work-exchange opportunity here at the Field Center. 

This application-based program is designed for those wanting to offer their time and labor in exchange for access to programming and facilities. Our Working Residents complete their daily hours under the guidance of the Residential Life Coordinator in everything from building maintenance, garden work, light administration and kitchen assistance.

In exchange they receive a room and access to all programs [aside from residencies] during their session. This program is available for up to 2 people at a time and participants stay in a shared dorm room. 


Interested in Learning more? FILL OUT OUR INFO FORM HERE


Work Trade for specific events is generally limited but available and can take up to 50% off of registration costs for participants. If you are interested in a work trade position in order to participate in a specific event please EMAIL US.

PLEASE INCLUDE WHICH EVENT you are interested in and we will be in touch around availability and cost. 

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