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NOVEMBER 16 - 19


Classic Thursday-Sunday Contact/Collective Improvisation Jam at The Field Center! Classes, labs, and open jams facilitated by our very own staff; Nuria Bowart, Lilianna Kane, Jared Williams, and Julianne Cariño!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. Indoor sleeping options, and camping options.
Dancing, sunbathing, swimming, eating food fresh from our garden, sauna, rigor and relaxation...


We offer 3 full scholarships for Black, Indigenous and People of Color [BIPOC] folks in each session. As well as 3 Work Trade spots in each session. If interested please select 'BIPOC Scholarship' OR 'Work Trade' when registering via the link below. For more information about the work trade exchange, go to the Work Exchange page.


LILIANNA KANE is a dancer and chef, currently invested in Contact Improvisation and Collective Improvisation. She is committed to improvisation as a physical practice of asking questions and paying attention. She is curious about the disruption of normative culture through dancing and gathering. She values the interplay of rigor, rest, discipline and play. She is currently the head chef at The Field Center, where she also has the privilege of regularly practicing, teaching, and researching Contact Improvisation


“Looking into the body I find myself repeating the words of Jaap van der Wal: “The body is a living performance in time.” 

The deeper I go with my studies the more I can perceive the multidimensional fabric that is the body. 

A fertilized seed unfurling. We become. 

A series of sacs tethered to trunks that move in the wind, carrying their water, rooted to the center and the sky, and subjected to the forces of the physical universe of which we are a part.

A bloom of possibilities with prerecorded intentions and limitations. 

The body needs metaphors of ecology not technology to define it. We are organisms, multiple environments interacting. 

We are the fractal expression of the larger ecosystem of which we are a part. It is evident that we are made up of relationships in movement.

Movement is the mechanism through which we become. It is the way that we inhabit space and time. It is our story, and our message. 

Creation funnels through the process of thought, word and deed. And, movement is necessary for each of those phases to exist. 

Movement is the trajectory of energy. 

Form is the consequence of movement, and the servant to it".

 Photo by Rosa Allegra Wolff 

JULIANNE CARIÑO is a queer multimedia artist and performer, born and raised within Canarsie and Munsee Lenape lands. They have had the privilege of calling many lands their home and remain critically inquisitive about what it means to occupy stolen land. Julianne’s practice is tuned through improvisation with a focus on Contact Improvisation, chronic pleasure, connecting to the more-than-human world, and the dance of self-preservation. Their most recent work is in touch with the depth and resonance of layered vocal sounding as a portal into the body, as a companion to processing memory and expressions of the heart.

Cariño’s facilitation work is often born from their personal experience of inaccess in both spiritual and movement-based spaces. They have guided groups in movement meditation, consent practices, ceremony, warm-up, technique class, and the practice of Contact Improvisation. Julianne has had the honor of teaching and facilitating through the Bill Young Studio/100 Grand st. (NYC), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Brooklyn), Ponderosa (Germany), Earthdance (Massachusetts), Dance North (Scotland), and Movement Research (NYC). 

JARED WILLIAMS has been studying, researching and falling down inside of CI spaces since 2011.

Prior to that he spent over a decade training and teaching Capoeira Regional.

He has learned Contact Improvisation from and worked with Taja Will, Chris Aiken, Jennifer Nugent, Keith Hennessy, Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Nelson and Scott Wells among many others and has been facilitating and teaching Contact Improvisation since 2016.


He founded the JP Contact Improvisation Jam in Jamaica Plain, Boston where he lived for many years and continues to teach and facilitate CI based workshops and events in his role as Director at the Field Center in Vermont.


In his dancing he is interested in how we dance with the world as it is, how we cultivate an ethical wild-ness, group wilderness as places of emergent structure, rest and edges.

Photo by Anna Maynard

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