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F.I.R.E. (1): Forums for Indigenous Research and Exchange Series

MAY 6 - 12, 2024

F.I.R.E. Event Image

F.I.R.E. [forums for indigenous research and exchange] is a week-long group residency providing a self-structured space for conversations around contemporary art making today, tools and strategies for thriving economically, and opportunities for colleagues and friends to meet with one another and make work in an informal and supportive environment.

This new initiative invites up to 25 Indigenous and First Nations artists from all modalities to come for a week to discuss, strategize and connect with fellow artists working in the u.s./canada today, offering a rare chance for the folks to make work, rest and be in residency as a group.

This gathering will be from May 6-12th 2024 here at the Field Center in Vermont.

Please consider donating to this initiative to help support it HERE

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