Field/fēld | noun:
1. An expanse of open or cleared ground
2. A piece of ground  or pasture devoted to sports, contests or events; playing field.
4. The sphere of activity within a particular profession; the field of teaching
5: The entire angular expanse visible through an optical instrument
6: A physical field that surrounds electric charges and exerts force on all other charges in the field, either attracting or repelling them.


Located in southern Vermont, the field center is an educational center for arts practices that serves as a resource for working artists at all stages of their career to focus on their work, develop their teaching and performance practices and build stronger collaborative relationships with one another. Through working together we help to create and curate structures, solutions and events that inspire equitable, environmentally and socially sustainable practices, interrogate systems, drive creativity and encourage courageous exploration.

Programming at the field center is divided between seasonal modules in which small groups work together for 'semester' long blocks of time- led by 2-3 teachers from a variety of disciplines. During the summer months, the space hosts a variety of workshops, festivals, cultural events and smaller residencies.


We work towards cultivating the arts ecology in the United States while bridging gaps between differing ages, human identities, and borders between people and practices in both the local, national and international communities. We work to create a place that appreciates difference and is rigorous, improvisational, intuitive, healthy and original.



Our logo was created by artist

Anya Smolnikova


co-founder | director of systems development
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Nuria Latifa Bowart

co-founder | director of  programming

Jared Williams

artistic advisory board

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