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  Jared Williams


Executive Director


Anya Smolnikova


Residential Life/House Manager and Long Term Work Exchange Coordinator


Nuria Bowart


Garden Manager and Director of Axis Syllabus Program


Lilianna Kane


 Kitchen Manager/Head Chef


Julianne Cariño


Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Is a visual artist, dance-improvisor and dance-arts curator primarily interested in ideas of wilderness, multiplicity, emergent structure and futurity.  He has been focused exclusively on programming and curating dance since 2014 with a focus on experimental performance and somatic dance practices.

He was the co-founder, director and lead curator for Lion’s Jaw Festival, a boston-based annual performance and dance festival, housed at both Green Street Studios and MIT, that ran from 2016-2020.

Jared is a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts-unceded territory of the Nonantum and Massachusett. He is a father and a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design.

Is a painter, interdisciplinary artist and teacher. On staff intermittently since the Field Center began, Anya has been instrumental in initiating and developing many of the house systems and structures still in use today. Anya helped develop and currently manages our Long Term Work Exchange Program.


Anya also painted the mural that sits above the dining room and conceptualized and developed the Field Center logo.

Is a professional dancer and movement artist, a Certified Rolfer and practicing manual therapist, a graduated student and contramestra of Capoeira, and a Certified Teacher of the Axis Syllabus.

She carries over 25 years of research and practice in therapeutic, martial, and performing arts, music, yoga, western somatics, contact improvisation, experiential anatomy, functional biomechanics, and more. She is also a mother of two.

Currently based in both Vermont and the San Francisco Bay Area, Nuria teaches and performs internationally and works locally with clients and students.

I am an improviser, primarily working though dancing and cooking. My mission: to nourish people through the practices of collective improvisation, collaboration, and care. 

My food is inspired by a plethora of cooks, books, recipes, artists, experiences and memories. 

For more about Lily's cooking and dance practices visit her website HERE

Is a queer multimedia artist and performer, born and raised within Canarsie and Munsee Lenape lands. They have had the privilege of calling many lands their home, and they remain critically+somatically inquisitive about what it means to occupy stolen land. Julianne’s practice is tuned through improvisation with a focus on Contact Improvisation, chronic pleasure, connecting to the more-than-human world, and the dance of self-preservation. Cariño's most recent work is in touch with the depth and resonance of layered vocal sounding as a portal into the body, as a companion to processing memory and expressions of the heart. 


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