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JUNE 22nd - 25th



Within LIVEWIRE, slowdanger will use their experience as movement artists, choreographers and sound designers to offer participants an entry point into sound design, composition and improvisational sound sessions. Exploring the ontological relationship of sound and body, participants will be facilitated through research modules exploring theories in motion, psychoacoustics, invisible architectures, vibration, groove, texture and more. Participants will be introduced to electronic sound gear such as loop pedals, drum machines and synthesizers, as well as Digital Audio Workstation Ableton Live, as a program to collect, remix, and reorganize captured material. These sessions will invite participants to experiment with music gear, motion and/or work deeper with slowdanger on questions related to sound design and creation.


welcome curiosity as a guide - players will explore the body voice, utilize imagery as a creative tool, and exercise imaginative systems to engage sound in performance. players will be held and supported in journaling exercises, songwriting inquiries, oracle cards, group movement, play, and collective vocal practices. the intention is to awaken curiosities through the new and build a performance of practices that offer undiscovered sonic color palettes. with consent, players will have opportunities to present and/or observe as a way to encourage expansive witnessing. players are invited to come curious. 


We offer 3 full scholarships for Black, Indigenous and People of Color [BIPOC] folks in each session. As well as 3 Work Trade spots in each session. If interested please select 'BIPOC Scholarship' OR 'Work Trade' when registering via the link below. For more information about the work trade exchange, go to the Work Exchange page.


Photo by ALEXA GRÆ

ALEXA GRÆ: my work is a combination of artistic disciplines informed by specialized academic training in music composition and opera. rigorous training as an opera student challenged me to transcend the boundaries of various art forms and to understand cultural boundaries of art in the everyday world. i bridge these chasms by focusing on how art informs identities, socialization habits, self-expression, and the ability to create, creating genre-defying performances that incorporate multiple dance styles, theatrical personas, and experimental storytelling design. recently, meditation study, astrology, and a long distance running practice have become elemental in my world building. in previous works i have built performance around the “idea” of opera or the feeling of an opera. this current work explores what opera can be. setting a new course towards the future i aim to shape-shift the nodes of possibility and accessibility. i have an unabashed desire to create work that is identity inspired, highly complex, nuanced, and layered. a synthesis of the esoteric - revealing infinite seats at the table of: the human experience. my practices and study allow concerted effort towards operatic transformation: presenting subject matters and themes that feel emergent. themes of deconstructing classical forms, beliefs about the feminine and masculine, and channeling greater collective consciousness find an evolving presence in my work. my mission is to identify moments of pure imagination and innocent creation, harnessing the immediate kinship it creates in order to draw us all toward something divine, something as yet to be defined.

i have always been attracted to the mystery of performance and often gravitate towards the slippage of the tangible and the surreal. everything i create is a moment of “immersive art” - i find its definition synonymous to my entire output. labels that feel fitting to my work are: hypnotic, inviting, captivating, enchanting…etc. most of my work explores the dreamworld, relationships to time, romances with nostalgia, and the future. as i've been exploring and returning to these themes i’ve become more attuned to the relationship to the journey for the audience. i am examining concepts of pace design and audience trust. i feel that as a performer it is important for me to manage momentum and construct points and passageways of ease and breath, for the audience as well.  the purpose of managing the shared breath is that it obscures the performance form and brings on a feeling of flight or “heady allure”. in my works my attempt is to stretch into accumulation and dissolve without breaking the seal or undoing the magic and establishing my body in the space as a symbol of pure presentness or the transmutations of time existing in the now. in all my durational performances i revisit my own opinion, which is: the end is only as dazzling because of its beginning.

Photo by Anita Buzzy Prentiss

slowdanger is a Pittsburgh based, multidisciplinary performance entity founded in 2013 by co-artistic directors taylor knight and anna thompson. We use a systematic approach to movement, integrative technology, found material, electronic instrumentation, vocalization, physiological centering, and ontological examination to produce their hypnotic performance work. slowdanger is an organism that uses performance and collaboration as ritual practice to delve into circular life patterning such as effort, transformation, and death. Our performance work largely centers the body and researches its relationship to other bodies, the environment, sensory information, technology and the unknown/unknowable. 

Within this system, we work with an engaged and deepening understanding of energy, synergy, action, gender, time and storytelling. We aim to bring audiences closer to their own bodies through performance, immersive experiences and open-level workshops, cultivating kinesthetic empathy through creating community in transformational embodied experiences.

The foundational goals of slowdanger are to cultivate further embodied intelligence within a largely disembodied society due to the dominance of white supremacist and patriarchal systems. We continue to create space for intersectional communities within the building and sharing of new performance works and programming initiatives. Within these programs, slowdanger creates experimental and unexpected entry points for audiences to connect with their own body, and question how their body engages with broader social, energetic and environmental spheres that they intersect with. We believe a lifelong pursuit of deepening our awareness to the vessel (body) we live in is essential in examining and unpacking ancestral trauma, and provide resources for continued anti-racist education for our audiences of white identity. We work to decentralize hierarchical and individualistic power structures so often in place within the creation of performance, intending instead to implement horizontal systems of making and collaborating. The more we engage in this collaborative work, the more we recognize the manifestation of this work as a non-binary entity that is one body amassed of multiple bodies in space.

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